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Tract-PIE for home builders:

Tract-PIE is an easy-to-use, comprehensive house building software program that addresses the unique planning requirements of the home building project where you are building and then selling units such as single-family homes, condos and townhomes.

Tract-PIE financial software generates accurate and detailed projections of cash flow, loan flow, profit & loss, balance sheet, and budget analysis projections for single and/or multiple phased development projects. The forecasts are based on fundamental input variables, and may reflect projects in the initial planning stages or already underway.


Cash Flow Forecast Projection
  • Monthly, quarterly, annually, user-defined
  • Unlimited production unit starts – linked to sales, by phases, manually defined
  • Unlimited floor plan types and unit mix starts
  • Seasonally adjusted sales
  • Automatic Direct Construction expense disbursement scheduling


Loan Flow Forecast
  • Various loans to automatically fund:
  •         • land acquisition
            • development expenses
            • construction expenses
            • miscellaneous items
  • Loan funding based upon % of Costs, % of Sales and user input
  • Ultimate flexibility regarding:
  •         • Fixed or variable interest rates
            • Interest reserve
            • Fees
            • Repayment scenarios – by another loan, closings, $/close, accelerated, % of sales proceeds


Equity Participation
  • Wholly owned or Joint Venture
  • Equity funding automatically calculated or manually input
  • Preferred returns on outstanding equity
  • Profit distributions with waterfalls
  • Multiple developer/investors participation


Profit and Loss Report and Balance Sheet Reports
  • Automatically generated period by period
  • Commissions, closing costs and other expenses can be treated as Direct Expenses
  • Balance sheet assets also include Cash and Capitalized Cost balances
  • Balance sheet liabilities and Capital include loan balances, property tax, warranty reserve, net cash invested and cumulative profit


Budget Forecast Analysis
  • Displays profitability by plan type to optimize product mix
  • Multiple allocation methods for revenue and expenses
  • Numerous metrics to help validate assumptions


Consolidation of unlimited number of projects
  • Displays period by period cash flow forecast, loan flows, P & L report and Balance Sheet

Tract-PIE Explained:

Watch the Tract-PIE workflow